Paid Reporting
Mongabay is always seeking pitches for news articles, features and in-depth reporting related to one of our ongoing reporting initiatives. Please follow the specific directions for submitting pitches to each individual reporting opportunity.

Other Submissions
As stated above, Mongabay generally only accepts pitches for paid reporting via the reporting opportunities linked above.

If you are interested in unpaid publishing on Mongabay, you can email your submission to our submissions editor at the email address below. We do our best to respond quickly to all submissions, especially if a news peg is urgent, but we operate with a small staff, so sometimes it takes a few weeks. We ask that you please be patient and refrain from emailing us for updates.

Please refrain from sending images larger than one megabyte each and limit yourself to no more than 10 images per email.

submissions @ mongabay [dot] com

Terms and conditions:

  • Mongabay reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason. Not all articles submitted to Mongabay will be published.
  • You will not be paid for your article unless you apply via one of our established programs. Compensation for stories outside these specific programs is not possible.
  • Your article must be carefully edited before submitting to Mongabay. Submissions with grammar or spelling errors will be rejected immediately. Your submission may be edited by Mongabay. After editing, Mongabay will provide you with a final version for your approval before the article runs.
  • Your piece may be published on our news site ( or on our blog depending on the content. Any selected piece will be promoted via social media channels.
  • Your submission may run on Mongabay indefinitely unless you ask for its removal or until Mongabay elects to remove your submission from the site. Mongabay does not guarantee that your article will run for any specific period of time.
  • Mongabay is not responsible for content submitted by users. You, the submitter, are responsible for the accuracy of your article. You must have rights to your content; you cannot submit material copyrighted by other persons unless you have their express consent to do so. You are responsible for all liability, claims, or legal action that may arise from your article, and any costs that Mongabay incurs as the result of claims or legal actions that arise from the posting of your submission.
  • Your submission to Mongabay is non-exclusive. You may submit your article to any other venue or web site for publication or posting, although Mongabay generally doesn’t post articles that have been first published elsewhere.
  • Submission of your materials to Mongabay constitutes your express consent to each and every of these terms and conditions.

Please bear in mind that the mission of Mongabay is to raise interest in and appreciation of wildlands and wildlife. Your submission has the best chance of being accepted if it follows this philosophy and is well-written, accurate (well-researched if applicable), carefully edited, and interesting. We recommend looking at our style guide before submitting your story.

What we generally don’t publish

  • Poetry
  • Opinion pieces (with some exceptions)
  • Press releases
  • Content that has been published elsewhere
  • Any content created for expressly purposes of SEO (e.g. keyword links)