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African bush babies gain a new genus

Galagos have a reputation among scientists for being one of the more mysterious primates, in large part because they're so tough to study. Endearingly known as bush babies, they stick…

It’s World Pangolin Day!

It's time to celebrate World Pangolin Day -- again. Today, February 18, is dedicated to the armor-clad mammals that resemble giant pine cones. Some might know them as scaly anteaters that eat, well…

From ‘Silverbacks’ to Systems Leaders: Rethinking African conservation leadership (commentary)

Conservation efforts in Africa, and many other parts of the world as well, need to prioritize leadership development as a focal strategy. Leadership development opportunities need to be made accessible to individuals who need them most - which often means ensuring they are locally customized and available to those who cannot afford to decamp to academic settings overseas for extended periods of time.
Red-eyed tree frog. Photo credit: Rhett A. Butler

The top 10 most biodiverse countries

Author's note: The data that underpins this post is updated on a regular basis on Mongabay's rainforest site: Amphibians, Birds, Fish, Mammals, Reptiles, Vascular Plants. September 26, 2021 update: this…
Red-eyed tree frog. Photo credit: Rhett A. Butler