Articles by Sue Palminteri

Sue Palminteri -- Mongabay's wildtech editor, conservation biologist, professional tennis player, and long-time exercise enthusiast -- passed away on November 30th, 2019. She was 54. Sue is greatly missed by her friends, colleagues, and family. Her contributions to conservation were immense.

Measuring the Heartbeat of the Delta

Traversing the Okavango Delta with NatGeo explorers to bring the beauty and wonder of the African wetland wilderness to the public through open-source and real-time data.

Could synthetic rhino horns help save the rhino?

Private-sector plans to biofabricate rhino horns to be carved into luxury items or resold into medicinal markets has raised controversy among conservationists who believe it will fuel the demand for the real thing.

Giving the handfish a hand

Researchers are using diver-towed GPS buoys and underwater cameras to estimate the populations of rare fish in Tanzanian estuaries.

Listening for giants

‘Faster than expected’ is how Arctic residents describe the pace of climatic change at the top of the world.  From big melts to ice-free summers – wildlife and humans alike…