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Mongabay features original reporting on wildlife, conservation, and environmental issues ranging from emerging technology to oceans to tropical rainforests. Updated daily, Mongabay draws readers ranging from high-level policymakers and business leaders to educators and journalists. According to user surveys, Quantcast, and Google Analytics, readers have above average interest in sustainability, international travel, and science and technology.

The site has been recognized as an important and credible information source on forests and biodiversity by individuals at a wide range of institutions, from NGOs to government agencies to private sector entities.

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If you’re interested in advertising on Mongabay or in our newsletters, please contact us.

Mongabay accepts advertising for a wide range of products, services, and organizations, but please note that we reserve the right to decline advertising campaigns we believe to be false, defamatory, or otherwise problematic for the site.

Mongabay does not run text-link ads or participate in link exchanges. Nor does Mongabay run advertorials or direct email campaigns.

Sponsorship opportunities on Mongabay

We accept tax-deductible sponsorships from companies and organizations whose products, services, and practices aren’t in conflict with our mission, as determined by Mongabay’s board. If you are interested in potentially entering into a sponsorship agreement with Mongabay, please contact us.

Advertising-related FAQs

Why does Mongabay accept advertising from Company X?

While we’d love to eliminate advertising completely from Mongabay, the economic realities are still such that we need to carry ads.

Instead of maintaining a staff position to manage advertising, we’ve effectively outsourced ads to Google. That means that the majority of ads you see on the site are served automatically by Google based on location or other factors. Therefore if you see an objectionable ad, the chances are that that it is not a direct Mongabay advertiser — it is running via Google’s network.

We generally don’t interfere Google’s ads because we prefer to concentrate our limited resources on producing content rather than policing the tens of thousands of ads running on the site at any given moment. We also believe that our readers should be well enough informed about the products they buy and the politicians they support to make intelligent and responsible buying and voting decisions. We believe companies that devote ad dollars to Mongabay via Google are wasting their money if they are promoting things like monoculture plantations and oil companies, since Mongabay readers won’t support those things or buy those products.

However we do block especially egregious ads when they are brought to our attention.


Do sponsors and advertisers influence Mongabay coverage?

No, sponsors and advertisers have no influence on our reporting.


An advertisement seems to be interfering with the site’s performance. What should I do?

Please contact us so we can look into the issue. It would be helpful to have the URL of the affected page, your browser information (IE on Window XP, iPhone 5c, Chrome on OSX Yosemite, etc), and a brief description of the problem.